Outside the town of Djon at Rico's Lumbermill, the group investigates the recent slaad attack tracking where the creatures came from into the forest....View Details

On day 9 of our adventurer's journey north to Somar, they stop in the town of Djon. They find a community board in the town square and try and pick u...View Details

Finally leaving Chandellon, our adventurers check out the countryside on the road to Somar. What will they find? Will they get distracted? Of course ...View Details

Our adventurers finally get back together and discuss their separate questlines and what has happened to them over the last couple days. And after so...View Details

The Realm of Eggs is in need of the heroes' assistance, so they have been summoned to take on Hairy Hare Dare!

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Astra and Keth search for Quor Ravenest. Finch and Felamyr hunt the murderer Grant Corder. Dorith faces Loric. 

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Dorith wakes up in a strange, wet place. Astra and Keth discover more about Astra's powers. Finch and Felamyr chase a familiar face through the stre...View Details

A week after the attack on The Crimson Keep in Chandellon, our adventurers wake up from recovery. Dorith heads out to catch the festival. Astra rece...View Details

For the start of Act 4, A Break in Time, four Aesians have been recruited to become acolytes of The Universal Library. They will eventually become me...View Details

The Holiday Planes are in danger! First flooding, and now a blizzard?! What will our heroes do? Join Ornament, Gingerbread Man, The Grinch and his do...View Details

Q&A session with the crew! We answer your questions about the story of Act 3: The Law of the Land!

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Cut Scene! Shadowgarden

Velmir reports back to Vorin in the throne room in Grixolis. He brings troubling news and the two villains plot their next moves.

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Today's episode is a scripted audio drama. We finish the tale and adventure of Ziv Reinhold with the ritual of powering the orbs. Will this bring Aesi...View Details

Trapped! With an imposter leading them to the top of a tall keep, our adventurers attempt to escape! But what waits for them on their exit? Has this...View Details

Our adventurers explore a little bit more of Chandellon at night a week before the Summer Quantal. Astra comes face to face with Olga the Witch and ...View Details

After a couple out of body experiences, our adventurers head into the heart of Chandellon. The City of Gold welcomes them along with the beginnings ...View Details

The Temple of Dellune is being used as a hospital. Monks of the temple are working tirelessly to help those in need. But our adventurers think someth...View Details

The group enters the Temple of Dellune. They find it to be a working hospital and attempt to assist the monks of the temple. But what really is going...View Details

After investigating the Crimson Command outpost to find a familiar scene, our adventurers head back into the town of Urlan to report to the town guar...View Details

When our adventurers arrive in Urlan, they learn of a disease that has corrupted the town and some more unsettling news regarding a Crimson Command o...View Details

Our adventurers have discovered a dead Crimson Command member at an outpost. Who murdered this man? What will they do about it and where will they he...View Details

Stepping off the docks, our adventurers explore the port town of Clanport and do some shopping to prep for their journey into the nation of Chandello...View Details

Our adventurers take to the seas again heading to the continent of Lunalia. Brynn Talith of the Crimson Command has sent a letter to Finch requesting...View Details

Cut Scene! The Gate

Today we follow Ziv Reinhold on a mission for Heltrone and Ramora. Joining him are Nourani and Exdolu. They head to the continent of Lunalia within th...View Details

Loron was once a penal colony of the proud nation of Rodana. The fear of being sent to Loron kept the world in check for centuries. But in one day, ev...View Details

Cut Scene! Deep Obsidian

Jagare reports back to Vorin on the activities taking place in Loron. Vorin is not pleased and plots against the guardians and our adventurers.

S...View Details

Loron has been through a lot in just a few days. The adventurers attempts to fight the imbalance of life here in Loron proved to be difficult. Did th...View Details

Our adventurers found a portal at the end of the previous episode. Where did they go? Are they all together? Let's hope so. Find out today on Four Or...View Details

Despite the pressure causing the structure to creak, our adventurers delve deeper into the lower levels of this prison. What will they find on the bo...View Details

Our adventurers are inside the subaquatic prison called Wavebreak. They have moved down to the second floor, and Finch isn't feeling all that good wh...View Details

Wavebreak is the 98th prison unit on Loron. Built over 700 years ago, it is odd that someone might be stuck inside. Who will our adventurers find? Wi...View Details

Fleeing from the authorities and accidental destruction our adventurers caused in Port Greezle, they make their way to the northern part of the islan...View Details

Within the throne room of Vorin there is another meeting of our villains as they plot the demise of our adventurers. 

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The BBG dressed as a butler is now dead. The mansion's front door is open. Who is inside? Will the adventurers get the information they came here for...View Details

Death in the night! Our adventurers find themselves in a terrifying situation and attempt to escape with their lives.

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Our adventurers think they figure out the design of the constructs on the island in today's episode. Is it true? But what's the source?

SOCIAL ME...View Details

Delaro? Wavebreak? Volcano? How are all these puzzle pieces connected? In today's episode, our adventurers discuss and investigate the island's pecul...View Details

The adventurers continue their investigation of the island nation Loron. Something seems off about these constructs. Will they get more evidence duri...View Details

Our adventurers finally step foot on Loron! Port Greezle welcomes them with chaos and conspiracy. What is happening behind the scenes in this fascina...View Details

Kurgul the Wretch has been captured! How will our adventurers handle their recent capture? Why is Kurgul a pirate? In today's episode, we get a glimp...View Details


The Four Orbs adventuring party is stuck at sea as an orange and black portal races across the ocean surfaces devouring anything in its path. Wh...View Details

Pirates! Pirates on the chase! In this episode, our adventurers face off against pirates in the open seas! What will come of this battle? Will we see...View Details

After a semi-successful sidetrack quest, our adventurers find themselves preparing for the open seas. They visit a couple shops to fill their bags, t...View Details

Who is this person with Dorith? What're they doing with the captain's hat? What is this building they are walking into?! WHAT IS GOING ON?! So many q...View Details

Dorith and Captain Wiley Kaiyo are acting strange! What is going on with them? Will our adventurers ever settle down and drink ever again with things...View Details

In this episode, our adventurers have gathered back together in the port town of Downlin Harbor. They are on the search for a captain and ship to get...View Details

Dave and Dee went to GenCon this year and met up with some podcast friends! They decided to record an episode in their AirBnB and this is that story. ...View Details

We are finally back with our adventurers as they head back to Yin for some much needed rest. From there, they take the winter season off and split up ...View Details

In this episode, we bring two guests in to tell the story of a discovery in the Shadow Sea. Taverns, storms, and odd creatures won’t keep these two ba...View Details

We’re back with another Out of Character to talk around the table as players, not as adventurers! And we are here to answer your questions that you su...View Details

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