Kurgul the Wretch has been captured! How will our adventurers handle their recent capture? Why is Kurgul a pirate? In today's episode, we get a glimp...View Details


The Four Orbs adventuring party is stuck at sea as an orange and black portal races across the ocean surfaces devouring anything in its path. W...View Details

Pirates! Pirates on the chase! In this episode, our adventurers face off against pirates in the open seas! What will come of this battle? Will we see...View Details

After a semi-successful sidetrack quest, our adventurers find themselves preparing for the open seas. They visit a couple shops to fill their bags, t...View Details

Who is this person with Dorith? What're they doing with the captain's hat? What is this building they are walking into?! WHAT IS GOING ON?! So many q...View Details

Dorith and Captain Wiley Kaiyo are acting strange! What is going on with them? Will our adventurers ever settle down and drink ever again with things...View Details

In this episode, our adventurers have gathered back together in the port town of Downlin Harbor. They are on the search for a captain and ship to get...View Details

Dave and Dee went to GenCon this year and met up with some podcast friends! They decided to record an episode in their AirBnB and this is that story.D...View Details

We are finally back with our adventurers as they head back to Yin for some much needed rest. From there, they take the winter season off and split up ...View Details

In this episode, we bring two guests in to tell the story of a discovery in the Shadow Sea. Taverns, storms, and odd creatures won’t keep these two ...View Details

We’re back with another Out of Character to talk around the table as players, not as adventurers! And we are here to answer your questions that you ...View Details

Cut Scene! Everdark

Two sailors discuss the myths and legends of giant beasts and soulless fishmen as the effects of our adventurers’ quest show changes in the world’...View Details

Cut Scene! Yinkin Park

Fusush and Aved Lahr sense the final battle, but Samuel sees the affects of it.It’s a short episode, but it is filled with information!SOCIAL MEDIAT...View Details

Our adventurers became heroes in the last episode. They saved an entire land from an eternal darkness and helped an old man find rest in his last days...View Details

It is the finale of Act 2: When Flames Die Out!Our adventurers delve deeper into The Academy of Planar Learning after discovering that the Arcane Well...View Details

Behind the bricked up archway lies an enemy they’ve seen before with effects that…bounce back. In this episode, our adventurers fight a battle of ...View Details

Well, we thought our adventurers were going to have some fun with the Arcane Cabinet. But instead, they have decided to play games in the portal testi...View Details

Our adventurers stand at the end of a long hallway staring down a Shield Guardian at the other end. What is he protecting? What will they find in the ...View Details

Astra just got pummeled. This place is proving to be relentless. Will she be pulled back to safety for someone else to take the brunt of it? Find out ...View Details

Is it treasure or is it a trap? So many rooms! So many things to find!But what’s lurking for our adventurers deeper in the academy? Find out today o...View Details

Are our adventurers capable of showing humility? Will hubris overcome them in this week’s story? Find out today on Four Orbs if our adventurers dive...View Details

Today I bring you a special episode.Lucas, the DM of The Ballad of Seven Dice podcast sent me an audio journal of a mage in Mithron at the time darkne...View Details

On one of the highest levels of the city of Saravale deep in the darkness of Mithron, our adventurers find a thirty foot wide, thirty foot tall stone ...View Details

Our adventurers found the capital city of Mithron called Saravale in the previous episode. In today’s episode they climb higher into the city as it ...View Details

After a week of being back in the frozen wasteland of Mithron, our adventurers finally find something other than ice. The great, lost, ruined city of ...View Details

Reunited, our adventurers head back into the darkness to hunt down the guardian of darkness, Haenet. And hopefully the location of the Arcane Well…J...View Details

Our adventurers are finally getting back together after some small quests they all handled separately. Will it be a peaceful reunion or a hostile even...View Details

Felamyr’s homeland has been wrecked by a beast. Will he bring balance to the land of the Nailodon Tribe in Lithansis?Astra and Keth get to the botto...View Details

Some of our adventurers have paired up, while another has traveled far, far away. In this week’s episode, Finch and Dorith fight in the sewers, Astr...View Details

Our party is still split up as they work through their own objectives. Finch and Dorith interrogate the bandit and head underground to find the group ...View Details

We are back with our five beloved adventurers! For the last three months in game (and out of game), our heroes have moved forward with their lives. Af...View Details

EP 40 Series Recap

This episode is a complete recap of Episodes 1-39. If you need a place to start with Four Orbs but don't want to start from the beginning, this episod...View Details

Cut Scene! Another short story about three dwarves waking up in prison with no recollection of how they ended up there--or why they are naked.Sound Ef...View Details

Cut Scene! Another short story about a father and son having a dispute about the son's future dreams. Take a dive into this very deep, very dramatic e...View Details

Cut Scene! We take a break from our adventurers and meet three treasure hunters seeking to sell an item they know nothing about. What could the item b...View Details

Our adventurers find an exit from the mine. But what awaits them outside the mine? A for sure death? How will they survive this open frozen wilderness...View Details

Our adventurers delve deeper into the mine to find an enemy that awaits them. Can their power defeat this enemy? Or will they rely on raw, wild power?...View Details

Our adventurers just defeated a tentacle faced man named Andodell. What other oddities lie ahead in this mine for our adventurers?Sound Effects by Syr...View Details

Our adventurers have avoided an enemy in this mine, but what lies ahead of them? More enemies? More iradarium riches? Find out today on this episode o...View Details

Our adventurers try to recover from a devastating injury while trying to find an exit from a mine that they are now trapped in.Sound Effects by Syrins...View Details

After fighting the vrocks in this ancient mining town, our adventurers investigate the entrance to a mystical mine with arcane origins.Sound Effects b...View Details

In this episode, our adventurers head out into the thick snow. What else will they find in this lost, frozen land?Sound Effects by Syrinscape.https://...View Details

Astra and Finch have gone blind?! Why would this happen? Find out this week on Four Orbs!

A continuation of the last episode's play session, our companions seek shelter from the cold of Mithron in a mysterious temple.

What is in the darkness of Mithron? What can our adventurers expect? Find out this week on Four Orbs!

Our adventurers head to Mithron. But before they get there, they are warned of their current adventure and are suggested south to a town called The Va...View Details

Finch's training with the Crimson Command is complete. But where do our companions head to next? Lunalia? Mithron? Maybe the chaos portal?To find out,...View Details

Deep in the mountains of Calandria, Finch and his Crimson Command associates find an imbalance of the element spirit and attempt to purge it from the ...View Details

After the attack on Gamor and the city found peace again, Finch finally started his training with the Crimson Command. With that though comes trials a...View Details

We're back after too long of a break to bring you this tense part in our adventurers' story! In this episode, our adventurers find themselves finding...View Details

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